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Flight tickets booking service is provided by SIA "De Mare Ad Mare Baltic"

Regular carriers flight tickets are provided via IATA accredited agent partner 



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Changes from July 26, 2019

Despite what has been stated in the Price List, from July 26, 2019, the Agency does not apply the commission for processing online transactions. In this connection, payments using the bank link service of AS Citadele Banka and payment cards are accepted only if the order amount does not exceed 100 EUR. Upon receipt of payment for the order through the service of the bank-link AS Citadele Banka or by means of payment cards exceeding 100 euros, we will refund you the paid money in full to your account and contact you with a request to use another available payment method. Otherwise, your unpaid order will be canceled without any compensation on our part. Please note that payments through AS Swedbank, AS SEB Banka and the Latvian branch of Luminor Bank AS (Nordea) are made using the payment initiation service, in connection with which we receive funds to our account and can purchase a ticket only after receiving confirmation from the respective bank and as a rule, only during their working hours. We apologize for the inconvenience, because we cannot afford to pay these bank charges at our expense and do not consider to increase the price of flight tickets in this regard as a reasonable solution.


If you select and pay for one travel service, you will NOT benefit from rights applying to packages or linked travel arrangements under Directive (EU) 2015/2302. Therefore, we will be responsible for the executing payment to the service provider, for receiving confirmation and providing valid travel documents to you. We will not be responsible for the proper performance of the individual travel services. In case of problems please contact the relevant service provider.
Links to the proposals below are third parties services . The Agency does not accept payments in favor of the service providers, you make payments yourself. The Agency is not responsible and does not accept claims for these services. Please read the terms and conditions of the service before making a booking.


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Self-isolation period reduced to 10 days | Self-isolation required from September 18 after returning from Lithuania and Georgia | Self-isolation in force with regard to Tunisia and Canada | International passenger traffic from Latvia is not carried out with the following countries: Andorra, Spain, France, Czech Republic and countries outside the EU / EEC and the UK, except Tunisia, Canada, Georgia, Japan, Rwanda, Uruguay, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand